Intelligent, Low-Voltage, LED Emergency Lighting

Fully intelligent, the FIREscape system luminaires are fully monitored and incorporate a self-test facility, reassurance that the emergency lighting system is fully operational without the need for an individual inspection. With the option of being controlled manually or automatically, FIREscape can operate in either a maintained or non-maintained mode.

Backup battery power within each luminaire allows FIREscape lighting devices to use screened, nonfire rated cabling in lieu of heavy, costly fire resistant cabling. Coupled with extra low voltage operation, cabling costs are reduced by up to 60% compared with central battery based systems and up to 30% compared with other addressable self-contained systems.

The EL-2 control panel automatically monitors and tests the system's functionality on a continual basis. Information of completed tests is stored in the panel's memory and can be printed for end user records.

Key Features and Benefits

  • LED based
  • Intelligent addressable technology
  • Extra low voltage system
  • Self-contained lithium polymer auxiliary battery
  • Cost saving - extra low voltage system
  • Environmentally friendly - low energy consumption and CO2e emissions