Services and Support


There are various products we supply, many of which can be seen in our Product page. Our company as it name implies dwells around the physical implementation of security, engaging its finest products on the way, and some of them includes: fire detection and alarm systems, communication devices, perimeter security, Read more »


Among many, one of the services we provide includes installation of different systems. The main focused areas are fire prevention, safety and security specialized systems. Read more »


The dedicated product maintenance team at EFSEC provides you proper inspection and maintenance for the service provided by our company. Read more »


EFSEC has experienced professionals accredeited internationally and locally to successfully train your staffs the basics of fire and occupational safety.
Read more »


EFSEC delivers scaleable network solutions to ensure that you get the right network for your organisation and its operations - and with the flexibility to grow with you as your business expands. Read more »


We also provide valuable consultation services for installation of Fire Fighting Systems that involves surveying project. Read more »


Here, involved surveying as well as design philosophy is done by highly qualified professionals who have with them years of experience. Read more »