There are various products we supply, many of which can be seen with brief descriptions in our Show room page.our company as it name implies dwells around the physical implementation of security, engaging its finest products on the way, and some of them includes: fire detection and alarm systems, communication devices, perimeter security.

We supply high quality products representing some of the leading manufacturers in the world and enjoy the privileges of their support in system design, installation, testing, and commissioning. Basically, we are committed to higher standards of performance and meet customer’s requirement in full through a comprehensive range of high quality products and excellent services.


Among many, one of the services we provide includes installation of different systems. The main focused areas are fire prevention, safety and security specialized systems.

Installation by itself is given as a service even without the products being purchased from us. Efsec insists that the installation works of its customer complies with the requirements of acceptable international standard and instruction of the manufacturers. Our employees are tested every now and then, providing a quality service consistently. We believe that all installed systems should be functional for its purpose up to the life of expectancy.


The team also includes expertise in carrying out routine services and maintenance of installed items that result in improved and longevity of system functionality. EFSEC has an enviable reputation in customer after sales service which cannot be neglected for a while.


EFSEC has experienced professionals accredited internationally and locally to successfully train your staffs the basics of fire and occupational safety. The training can be on our facility or off site as per client requirement. Details shall be provided upon contact.
Our expertise in offering services for the preparation of fire procedure, pre-incident planning, conduct of mock drill – evacuation drill and preparing on-site and off-site emergency plans and Fire Safety Plans. The fire safety professionals delivering the services are experts in this field and help in developing and support documents that are easy to understand and implement.


EFSEC delivers scaleable network solutions to ensure that you get the right network for your organisation and its operations – and with the flexibility to grow with you as your business expands.

The dedicated product maintenance team at EFSEC provides you proper inspection and maintenance for the service provided by our company.

EFSEC collaborates with customers seeking solutions to remain competitive in a technology rich environment. By creating and maintaining a reliable and scalable network infrastructure,EFSEC gives its customers the opportunity to not only keep current business operations running smoothly, but also gives them freedom to position themselves for future trends.

Consultancy and Design

We are not only installing what is given but check for its proper application and purposefulness by consulting the client or the responsible entity.
Consultation and Design works are carried out by highly qualified professionals who have years of experience in Fire, Safety and Security industries. Of all these the technical and marketing backup service of our well recognized suppliers makes EFSEC peculiar to fulfill and design requirements of our customers. Our design always incorporates any latest technologies applied in the industries.

Fire, Safety ,Health and Risk assessment and Auditing

  • The role of EFSEC as a fire, safety and security professional:
  • Provide written, telephone or face-to-face advice to primary duty holders on demand.
  • To carry out Fire,Health, Safety and Security risk assessments for any level of project and work places at a frequency agreed with the client.
  • To audit periodically fire safety and security risk assessments carried out by the Safety officers.
  • To maintain and verify the competence of relevant primary duty holders with formal training
  • To make the client aware, when necessary, of changes to fire safety legislation in local and, interpretation of the legislation or new guidance.
  • To attend incidents when requested to do so by the client.